Tips to Help You How to Be Rich (Help You Think Rich) 

How to be rich wasn't so much knowing, but doing. And though thinking rich was all so foreign at first, reading about the habits of the wealthy and how rich people think was like finding the mythical unicorn. Here are the ways rich people think differently.

1. Rich People Don't Wait Around

Most people are watching TV or obsessing over sports (Guilty), rich people are taking action. ACTION might be hands down the biggest separator between how a rich person thinks and how an average person thinks.

2. Rich People Avoid Lifestyle Creep

Lifestyle creep, also known as lifestyle inflation, is when people who make more money, spend more money (Normal counters vs. granite counters).

3. Rich People Read… A LOT!

Rich people read an average of two books per month. This is not to say that just by simply reading you will become rich (Remember rich people take action and avoid blowing their money too).

4. Rich People Have Multiple Streams of Income

Rich people think differently as it pertains to accumulating money and they do this by focusing on creating multiple streams of income.

5. Rich People Value Skillsets Over Formal Schooling

There is nothing wrong with formal schooling, rich people who think differently, realize it is not about formal schooling, but the skillets that you possess. 

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