How to Ask For A Raise, Don’t Work For Free

Never work for free. Now there is something to be said in going above and beyond, but working for free – or doing the work of 3 people – is not only hurting you but those around you. Here is why most people won’t typically ask for a raise at work.

1. Fear.

Just the feeling of talking to someone who we perceive higher or maybe of a position of authority can be imitating. Then to go ask that person for a raise, well that can be even more intimidating.

2. Debt.

Why would debt make someone not ask for a raise? Sometimes when you need something (money) you are a little less reluctant to do something that might jeopardize you, in this case asking for a raise.

3. Working for Promotions

Maybe there is a promotion (May or may not include a raise) in your future. If you are someone who is on the cusp of a promotion, you might have second thoughts when it comes to asking for a raise.

4. Unsure of themselves

At times, employees may feel unsure of themselves or even think they are not worthy of raise. They might feel like they don’t do enough to deserve a raise, so asking for a raise seems out of this world.

Why you should ask for a raise.

Unless you are on a printed payscale that is out of your control (Usually public service professionals) it really doesn’t hurt just to ask for a raise. 

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