How Student Loans ALMOST Ruined Our Lives

As of 2016 72% of all college graduates had student loans.  The average amount for those graduates?  $37,000.  What is worse, interest rates range anywhere from 4-13% and fixed to variable.

Our Massive ($300,000) Student Loan Problem.

After graduating from West Virginia and applying to grad schools. All said and done she came out with over 290K in student loans.

Government-Backed Student Loans

The Federal Government backs student loans. It is the same reason why you have seen the number of for-profit colleges grow and essentially practice predatory lending.

In fact, it is estimated that 42% of college grads are working in a field other than their degree. This tells me one thing – maybe 42 % do not need a degree?

If you are reading this and you have a child about to enter college or know someone who is, I have three recommendations:

1. Do some research!!!! 2. Have a game plan and map out your expenses! 3. Graduate in 4 years and focus on skill-sets not grades!

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