Savings By Age: How Much Should You Have Saved?

What I quickly learned that was there are a few actual measurable/quantifiable/actionable numbers you can implement to save enough for retirement and to live a great life. And knowing those numbers is key!

What should your retirement savings by age look like?

American adult is saving less than 5% of their income. Setting appropriate savings goals and determining your savings rate by age is vital to your long term savings plan.

Retirement Savings By Age Chart

Whether you're behind the savings curve when it comes to age or way ahead of it, using retirement savings by age chart will help guide you.

How Much Savings is Enough for You by Age?

To know how much you need to be saved, consider working backward from your end goal. For example, consider long term financial goals, travel, retirement age, kid’s college and so on.

Real Numbers: Average Savings By Age

We have firmly established that most do not have enough saved. That is OK considering awareness is key to creating any new habit and saving is a habit.

Tips to Help You Save More Money

Here are some tips to help you save more money: 1. Automate Your Savings 2. Use the Cash Envelope System

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