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How to Ask for A Raise & Motivate Your Boss To Help You!

Let's destroy the “You vs. Them” dynamic and learn how to get your manager on your side when learning how to ask for a raise.

First Things First – Prepare

If you are asking for a raise, you control when you ask. You have  time on your side, so start doing your research and build your  confidence.

The Best Time To Ask For A Raise

Often people talk themselves out of something by saying it's not the  right time. However, when asking for a raise, anytime is the right time,  after 12 months from your last raise.

Set Up The Meeting

One of the more successful ways we've seen people approach their managers about asking for a raise is to start with an email to schedule a time to discuss.

Make Asking For A Raise A Normal Thing

A raise shouldn't be a “You Vs. Manager” ordeal. It's a collaboration  between you and your boss to give you're the resources to feel  appreciated for the job you're doing.

If They Say No, Here's What To Do

Here are a few tips if they say “no.” 1. Don't Create An Ultimatum 2. Create A Plan For Another Raise Discussion in 6 3. Discuss Other Benefits That Can Make You Feel Rewarded

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