Smart Ways to Make Your Graduation Money Work for Your Future


 Your future self will thank you for spending it wisely. Being smart with your graduation money isn't a bad idea, you can set yourself upright with these 12 smart spending strategies!

1. Set-up An Ergonomically Correct Home Office

“Whatever desk chair you use, make sure your feet can touch the floor and that you're reducing stress on your back by keeping your knees at 90 degrees.”

2. Start an Emergency Fund

Putting some of your graduation money into an emergency fund starts your financial future on the right track. It decreases the need to ask your parents for money.

3. Tackle Your Debt

The cycle of debt can cost you thousands of dollars or more over time. It's time to start paying down any credit card debt you may have incurred in college.

4. Pay Down Your Student Loan

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York the average student loan monthly payment is $393. Before you know it, you'll be required to start making those payments.

5. Invest in Yourself

Whether it's a class to learn a practical skill like cooking or car repairs or a certification related to your career, now's the perfect time to invest in new skills.


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