How Do People Afford Kids?

I am being honest, we cannot afford kids because of student loan debt and daycare costs. So why exactly are people delaying on kids and waiting longer to have them? Because of finances.

How Do People Afford Kids These Days?

I understand that a new baby is something you can never be 100% ready for – I wholeheartedly disagree with the conventional wisdom.

Adults having kids later in life.

I don't feel like I am 30. Personally, I don't feel 30, look 30 or act 30 (Not sure what the exactly means). But financially at age 30 we were not ready to have kids.

Security or Siblings?

So with the crazy amount of debt we are focused on paying down each month, we could afford one kid, but a second would significantly impact our financial security.

Why does money determine so much of our lives?

Think about it, money tells us where we can live, what we can drive, what we wear and in this case when and how many kids we can have.

Money does not have to be the determining factor forever.

We think that money, and not the abundance of it, would always dictate how we live. However, over the last few years, we have learned to focus on paying off debt.

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