Don’t Let a Horrible Boss Destroy You (Or Your Sanity)

A horrible boss. At some point in our lives, we will all have at least one. In my seemingly never-ending struggle to find a good, permanent, full-time role, horrible bosses have been a big factor.

I Had A Great Boss, Until…

Not long ago, I had a great boss. But I didn’t really like my job. It was an incredibly fascinating industry, but there was a lot of pressure and not a lot of training.

I Ignored the Red Flags

I completely ignored all the red flags that were there right from the start. Like how I felt during and after the interview. Or how my new manager, Mrs. Horrible Boss, gave me a hard time for wanting to give two weeks notice.

The Reality Quickly replaced the Honeymoon Phase

My first few weeks at my new job went well! But it didn’t take long for Mrs. Horrible Boss to show her true colors. The more I learned about the role, the more issues I uncovered, as well.

I Started to Think There Was Something Wrong With Me

My second monthly performance review went horribly. I was now being told (for the first time) about all these other things I was being accused of doing wrong.

I Tried Standing Up For Myself, But…

I was ready to stand up for myself. I wanted to get mad. I wanted to be angry and defend myself over her blatant lies and the ridiculous allegations being made against me.

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