To Find the Best High Dividend Stocks

Many hesitated to invest after seeing their families lose money, and those who often invested very conservatively. Many have avoided stocks, even the more conservative high dividend stocks.

Popular Millennial Stocks

This has been seen by Financial Brokerage Platforms like Robinhood, popular among Millennials. The platform gained 10 million users from 2016 to 2020 and added 3 million users during the pandemic.

What Are Dividends

Dividends are a portion of the company's earnings that are distributed to shareholders. Dividends are an additional payment sent to shareholders simply for owning the company.

Dividend Investing Is a Growing Trend

Dividend Investing is a growing trend investment strategy involving owning primarily stocks that offer dividends. The idea is that by owning enough stocks that offer dividends.

What Is The Average Dividend Yield

Each company sets its own divided as a fixed dollar amount per share owned. However, the industry typically gauges dividend amounts as a dividend yield.

What Are High Dividend Stocks?

Typically high dividend stocks come from companies with strong cash flow such as: 1. REITs 2. Oil & Gas Companies 3. Utilities 4. Banks

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