Dear Parents

Why Good Grades Really Don’t Matter

Grades don't matter. Grades are about the most inaccurate measure of someone's capability, but also their worth (many students associated their worth with grades).

Perfect Grades Teaches Perfection.

I’ll be darned if there weren’t numerous people with “good grades” in high school who really haven’t made much of a splash today. Why??? Because grades do not indicate your future success.

Grades Don’t Mean Much.

I say grades don’t matter, because a letter is not indicative of my self-worth, or anyone else's for that matter. I will also add college is a business – so you will find a home, don’t worry.

Grades and Perfection

The issue with good grades is that good grades indicate perfectionism. Getting straight A’s is being perfect. Being perfect in school, sports, part-time jobs, getting into college, dating and socially is just not manageable.

The Emphasis on Good Grades Means Grade Inflation

However, not only is pressure about grades terrible for kids, the fact that schools are virtually succumbing to every parent request, grades don’t really carry any weight.

Grades Encourage Immediate Gratification.

Chasing grades might also be the highest form of immediate gratification. Like a dog, shake a paw, get a treat, grades are like treats to adolescents.

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