Learn to Make Good Investments (For Beginners Who Want Passive Income)

Want to know the simplest trick to earn passive income? Invest. Now, notice I didn’t say the easiest and quickest way to make passive income, but let’s face it, investing is something we all know we should probably do.

My life before being introduced to investing.

I decided to grow up and start taking my finances seriously around  2015-2016 by the age of 29. After getting engaged and recognizing that our student loan debt was a serious problem.

I WAS an idiot beginner investor.

Let’s just say I took some and ran with it.  The advice came from a person who knew what they were talking about – as it pertained to their investment needs – but not my needs.

I had never invested before

He loved talking about stocks. His information was highly accurate, but truth be told I wasn’t passionate or knowledgeable about playing with stocks or investing in general.

However, I learned a valuable investing lesson that day

I learned that unless investing is YOUR THING, you will most likely lose money investing in individual stocks (Statistically speaking).

What I invest in now.

Discipline and Patience – those words do not describe me, or most people these days. While I only lost $100 in the stock market. I am glad I learned the lesson when I had nothing to truly lose.

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