Fun Things To Do With Friends (For Free) 

Who says you can't have fun with your friends and do it for free? You just gotta know how to promote fun things to do that are free! Here is a quick list of 40 fun things to do with friends!

1. Visit a city late night

Chances are you are within 30 minutes of a big city. Grab your friends, hop in the car and go cruise around a city late at night and just observe the nightlife.

2. Workout together

Friends who work out together, stay together. Hold each other accountable and go work out with your friends.

3. Host a pot luck

Pick a night, tell everyone to bring a dish, and host a potluck. There is nothing more fun than hanging with your friends and eating some food.

4. Go for a hike

See where you can go hiking nearby and meet your friends there early one morning. If you're looking for a good spot, simply search for “Hiking trails near me”.

5. Complete puzzles together

Find some old 500 or 1,000 piece puzzles, grab a cheap bottle of wine, and hang with your friends doing a puzzle and chatting one evening!


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