Here Are the Best Ways to Get Free Books Online

Imagine its late at night, and you want to read a book, but you never made it to the library. With a kindle, you can get all the books you want on the spot without having to leave your house during business hours. Nor do you have to wait for a delivery from a bookstore.

3 Places that Have Free Books Online

1. Overdrive. 2. Project Gutenberg 3. Amazon Free ebooks.

2 Ways to Get Creative to Get Free Books Online

1. Amazon credit for prime members- this one is specifically for prime members. 2. Sign up for author emails. Authors want you to read their books so they will let you know of deals for their books.

15 Site that free books online in various formats

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Book Lending 6. DigiLibraries

15 Site that free books online in various formats

7. The Reader Cafe 8. OpenLibrary 9. Internet Archive 10. BookBoon 11. Open Culture 12. Online Books

4 Free Trials to get free books online

These programs are all subscription-based, but all these programs have free trials of varying lengths. 1. Kindle Unlimited 2. Reading IQ 3. EPIC 4. Scribd

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