Entitled Kids Make Financially Irresponsible Adults

When I say entitled kids are financially irresponsible, what I don't mean is they become people who don’t pay their bills, that is a different subject. When I say financially irresponsible, I more so refer to their long term view of finances.

Anti-entitlement vs Empowered Childhood

Just because I can afford something as an adult doesn’t mean I get it. Just because a little kid could eat candy for every meal of the day, doesn’t mean you let them.

Teach your kids early!

Similar to my upbringing, I have a friend who is a very successful business owner who comes from a family of successful business owners. And that lesson has paid huge dividends in his adulthood as he runs a company.

Entitlement breeds more entitlement

Entitlement is a habit. Someone doesn't just wake up one morning and decide to act entitled. However, entitlement is not a good thing for a healthy financial lifestyle.

How we act shows entitlement

Entitlement in this article doesn't even reference the people who think because their email signature says something cool that they made up using LinkedIn are better than the fast-food worker.

My final take on entitlement

How did this person (Knowling or even unknowingly) become so entitled (Comfortable) to have mom and dad constantly pay their bills.

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