What Does Financially Independent Mean? (& 9 Tips to Start)

The meaning of financially independent varies from person to person but in general. Financial independence is when someone is not restricted by a job or money. They have the ability to make decisions without money controlling these descions.

1. Read More About Financial Independence

Make reading at least one book about money per month part of your daily routine. Reading will help expose you to the concepts and ideas that suit you and your financial goals the best!

2. Focus on Making More Money (Passive & Active)

You need to make more money if you want to hit your goals quicker. Most who have achieved financial freedom/financial independence or who are close have created passive income streams.

3. Invest in Yourself

Do more for yourself. Learn to improve daily. Listen to podcasts and audios. Sell out to your own dreams and goals the chances of reaching financial indepdene increase!

4. Cut Out Excess, Get Thin!

That isn't just a fitness term, its a financial term. Most financially independent people will tell you they prioritized their spending. you will want to do the same.

5. Find a Mentor Who Has Done It!

Finding the right mentor for what you need is invaluable. For example, if you want to create a rental portfolio, you need to find 4-5 people who have rentals and get your questions answered. Hound them!

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