Signs You Might Be Dealing With Financial Stress (& Ways To Fix It)


You probably already guessed it before you read the word money, but the biggest cause of stress in America is related to finances. Many American adults stress daily about work, family responsibilities, and health concerns regularly.

Three Signs You’re Stressing About Finances

We all have our days where it just doesn’t feel like things are going our way. As adults, those days always seem to revolve around some aspect of our lives dealing with finances.

1. You can’t sleep at night, because you’re worried about money.

It’s Monday, but you can’t sleep because you’re worried about all the bills you have to pay with Friday’s check. Just the thought of your finances keeps you up and tossing well into the night.

2. You're having money conversations too often, or not enough

one sign that you have financial stress in your life is that you’re talking about it too much, and typically the conversations aren't pleasant.

3. Thinking about your finances is unmotivating.

If just thinking about your finances is unmotivating, it might be telltale sign money stresses you out. When something stresses us out we do our best to avoid it.

Ways to Help You Stop Stressing About Finances

Freeing your mind of financial stress so you can relax, enjoy life and stop worrying is possible. You might think it has to do with making more money or being a better steward of your money.

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