The Only Financial Rule of Thumb You’ll Ever Need

If you've never seen Arrested Development do yourself a favor and watch season 1 ASAP, but most likely, most of your money is actually in your housing, transportation, and food allocations each month.

Money is a percentage game.

If the quarterback can complete 65% (PERCENT) of their passes and the hitter can hit 300 (30 PERCENT) they can have long prosperous careers that generate millions.

Percentage… the best financial rule of thumb ever!

At the time I had no clue really what the individual meant by that, but after reading Financial Freedom, I began to understand the true meaning of viewing money by percent – not numerically.

Average Household Spending

Essentially if you can reduce your percentages, or allocate more money to other areas such as saving more each month, you won't need to count every penny or even have a budget for that matter.

Allocate your money appropriately!

I had $80 to cover all of my other living expenses all because of one silly financial decision. Yet had I been following the best financial rule of thumb percentages. I would have easily figured out why my finances were so tight.

Money percentages to strive for!

One final point as to why percentages are the only financial rule of thumb you will ever need. when you were looking to procure lending there was something that banks wanted to know.

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