The Big Bad Wolf: A Financial Hardship Letter to Myself

My mom was a great lady who would end up losing her battle to cancer prior to her 52nd birthday. Just 51, she was the mother of three boys, but she also raised and guided hundreds of kids over the years as an in home daycare provider.

My mom taught me a lot about finances.

From working hard to never accumulating credit card debt, I was raised to be thrifty and resourceful, thanks to our Scotch-Irish background.

Generational Similarities & Differences

Unlike my mom who was a late baby boomer, the millennial generation is in quite a unique position. On one hand, we have had college and student loans impressed on us since an early age.

Change was needed.

For me, the real eye opener was when I saw my mom pass away. It actually took me three more years to truly wake up, but  I saw a woman who worked so hard for everything only to have most of it stripped away from her with her cancer diagnosis.

The Big Bad Wolf.

I’ve been called frugal and cheap. I have heard the comments about being so tight you squeak. There are some that say you can never plan for kids or you will never pay off your student loans.

So what do you do?

If there is anytime to ever take advantage of your financial position it is now. There is no specific date or age that makes it better to start, it is when you decide that you need to take financial control.

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