Money Experts Share The Best Money Goals You Need


While our goals should be designed so that they’re individualized for our needs, there just seems to be too much-contradicting information out there when it comes to forming the right financial goals.

No Matter What, Save For Retirement

Yes, retirement can vary depending on the person, but I recommend saving for it at least in some form so that you can prepare for your future.

Understand Your Baseline

It's great to have a goal in mind, but you also need to know both the steps you'll take to achieve it and where you're starting from.

Spend Less Than You Make

One is to get on a personal budget and make sure that expenses never exceed income on a monthly basis.

Make 5x More Than You Spend

The most important “big picture” financial goal that someone should have is to get to a point where their income is significantly higher than their expenses.

Master Your Cashflow

Intimately know how money comes in and out of your life track 12 months of your living expenses by categorizing them. Then, create a budget around your cash flow.

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