The Short Term Financial Goals I Missed (& Why It’s OK)

Goals are meant to stretch us, they're meant to guide us, and goals are meant to encourage us – our short term financial goals shouldn't be any different.

Missing your financial goals is part of life.

There was also something else that I didn't get done – I did not hit all my financial goals either. In addition to fixing things around the house, my wife and I had quite a few financial goals.

What are short term financial goals?

Short term financial goals can be viewed as the steps or targets you set to achieve your overarching financial gameplan. Here are three tips to achieve your financial goals.

1. Assess your financial goals.

Starting new goals should be gradual. Just like many people have fitness goals on January 1, they are all in, working out 10 hours a week, and by February 1 they are no longer working out.

2. Track Spending & Goals

This week my wife and I are sitting down to discuss our budget. We are going to see where our money is going, make sure we are keeping up with our checks and balances and discuss some goals.

3. Reward & Encourage Yourself

Honestly, most people don't discuss finances with others. For many reasons, typically finances are usually between yourself, your spouse if you got one, and maybe some trusted advisors.

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