Must-Know Don’ts of Money


“Don't do this” type of stuff most of our lives, but for some reason, we never hear the “Financial Don'ts!” In fact, it seems like every time we open our phones social media feeds, it's all the “Do this” when it comes to your finances.

Don't avoid budgeting.

Budgeting, or tracking your cash flow and where it goes, is just like logging your daily food intake on your favorite health app.

Do this instead:

Instead of not having a budget, start by doing this each month using apps like Mint or Personal Capital: 1. Track your net income each month. 2. Track your fixed expenses each month.

Don't leave money on the table.

Typically, this concept refers to making sure you don't say no to the company matches or reimbursements your company offers. For example, your 401K or HSA accounts.

Do this instead:

– Get your 401K or retirement match – See about an HSA account and if there is employer matching or if your employee contributes to starting one.

Don't avoid your debt problems.

Similar to making sure you don't avoid budgeting, avoiding your debt woes doesn't make them any better… or go away for that matter.

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