Beginner Land Purchase Factors You Should Know

Buying land is one of the more overlooked forms of real estate investment with surprisingly lucrative returns. Here are 10 beginner land purchase factors.

1. Shape and Size of the Land

Getting the map and survey documents of a prospective plot purchase will help align your intentions with the size of spread you'll buy.

2. Soil, Again

Doing a soil test eliminates any possibility that the plot was once used as a chemical dump site or is endowed with unnaturally high levels of other hazardous elements.

3. Where’s the Water?

A farm will require plenty of freshwater for crops and livestock, or you'll need some fishing time during your weekend getaways.

4. Do You Have a Revenue Forecast?

The land is for personal consumption or commercial development, you must have plans for revenue expected in the first quarter of the year.

5. Consider Your Intentions for Purchasing Land

Your land purchase should make sense for your business and family as it could involve lifestyle changes.


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