Expert Money Tips for New College Graduates

Having a college degree might come with an expensive price tag these days, but you're in good shape as far as the money-making outlook goes. Here are expert money tips for new college graduates.

1. Recent Graduates Entering the Workforce

The biggest knock on recent graduates is that they are impatient, can't problem solve, and have what is referred to as an “Entitlement” mentality. 

2. Renting vs. Owning

Depending on your new job & where you live will really determine your living situation. If you happen to have ability to live at home for 1-2 years, swallow your pride and do it.

3. Investing after graduation

Best ways to invest: 1. M1 Finance 2. Acorns 3. Robinhood (Get a free stock) 4. Vanguard Brokerage

4. Making Ends Meet After College

Here are few things that can help you if you're struggling to make ends meet after college: 1. Set a goal to apply and network DAILY!

4. Making Ends Meet After College

2. Read up on side hustles, because ultimately you should have one anyway! 3. Consider your work environment before just jumping on an opportunity

5. The best money tip for college graduates is

Take that positive number and dedicate a specific amount each month to your future by either investing, saving, or paying off debt. 


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