You Have Probably Made These Dumb Purchases

What if I had all the money from the clothes I bought during my lifetime that I never even liked. And so the game went on and on. Which led to me to where I am right this second.

Daily Consistency

Prior to diving into all the dumb purchases. I think it is vital to point out the fact that in order prevent more frivolous spending it starts with daily consistency.

Creating more options

By creating the daily discipline now you can create more options later. Here is a list of a few dumb purchases I have made as an adult.

1. Cars

Be it the 2007 Honda Civic Si that cost $18,000 or the brand new 2014 GMC Sierra at $37,000, I have made some bad financial choices when it comes to vehicles.

2. New Technology

Between iPhones, in-game purchases, and a busted website I have spent some money on technology. Some of the not so wise purchases include an iPhone 6.

3. Food, Food, Food

I alluded to it earlier – but I have personally spent a pretty penny on eating out. Recently, I read that the average millennial spends almost $2,700 annually eating out.

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