Vacation at a Dude Ranch Formerly Owned by Val Kilmer’s Family in 2022

Looking for a different type of outdoor vacation? Have you ever been to a dude ranch? This dude ranch offers an authentic experience for those seeking a true cowboy vacation with its strong Western flavour. Val Kilmer's family formerly owned this now-famous ranch from 1967-1971.

Where Did Val Kilmer Live at Kay El Bar Guest Ranch?

When Val Kilmer's family-owned Kay El Bar Ranch, he lived in Casa Monterey which is currently the office building. He was 14 years old when his family purchased the guest ranch.

What Does Kay El Bar Guest Ranch Offer?

The Kay El Bar Guest Ranch is one of the oldest in the state of Arizona, Arizona offers fabulous winter weather, and the ranch's intimate size makes for a welcoming and relaxing vacation experience.

What to Pack For a Dude Ranch Vacation

The most important things to bring to a dude ranch are long sleeve shirts, good footwear for hiking, cowboy boots if you own them and of course, a cowboy hat.

Accommodation Options – The Lodge Rooms

The majority of the accommodations are located in the Lodge, which all have private bathrooms and come in varying bedroom configurations. These rooms have a rustic theme with western artwork.

Homestead House

The Homestead House was the first building to be constructed at Kay El Bar Guest Ranch. It was originally built as the ranch headquarters and bunkhouse for the cattle wranglers.

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