Who Said You Can’t Make 6-Figures in A Month? An Interview with Jeff Proctor

I have no doubt you will find a ton of value in hearing what Jeff has to say as it pertains to entrepreneurship, managing time as a business owner, and sharing what it's like to quit your full-time job!

1. What is your background? 

I grew up near Seattle, WA in a small town called Port Orchard. Growing up, I was always a bit of a math and science nerd, but I didn’t even consider entrepreneurship as a possible career path until a few years after college.

What was life like before you started DollarSprout?

The problem for me was that no one in the financial services industry was looking for a biochemistry grad straight out of college. I got rejected by at least 50+ banks, investment firms, etc.,

2. What did you do before DollarSprout? Did you start BTOP or DollarSprout first?

I only had one “real” job before I started what would eventually become DollarSprout, and that was the job I got right after college. By the time I left that job, I had worked my way from $8/hr.

3. How is it running two successful blogs/websites?

DollarSprout is a full-time job for both us, and then some. We’ve worked quite hard to get the site where it is today, and I feel very fortunate to have this work be our source of income.

4. How do you manage your time throughout the week? Any tips for new entrepreneurs?

This is something I am still trying to get better at with each passing week, so I’m definitely not an expert yet. For new entrepreneurs, I would recommend keeping your task list and strategy as linear as possible.

5. When you quit your full-time job, what was the final straw? Any fears?

For me, it was a slow build up. Once I had the idea in my head of starting my own business, it almost became a foregone conclusion that it was going to happen.

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