How Student Loans ALMOST Ruined Our Lives

Dodge ball is a great parallel to the life lessons we have all learned. It is amazing what simple childhood sports can teach us about life. Here are 5 things that dodge ball taught me.

1. Life will throw things at us.

There are times when life, especially with regards to finances, will throw things at us. That is why I wrote, “Life Happens, Manage Your Money Better.”

Just like life is not all about working to pay bills, sometimes the best way to win in dodge ball is to have a little strategy.

2. Planning and being prepared can make all the difference.

Control what you can control, do your best, and realize that everything is temporary and what you make of it – both good and bad.

3. Sometimes we make the catch, sometimes we drop the ball.

The former coach in me hates this, but we don’t always win. The last time I played dodgeball we lost to the worst team in the pool and beat the best team.

4. We don’t always win.

Chances are if you haven’t made the soundest financial decisions or choices, I know I haven’t, there is always tomorrow.

5. When all else fails, there is still another game to be played.

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