Pros & Cons of The Infamous Dave Ramsey Baby Steps!

Dave Ramsey is outdated and outlined our own 12 toddler steps to financial freedom. We have a reboot article titled 15 Dave Ramsey tips that will change your life forever.

Step One:

Save at least $1,000 (or $500 for those with lower incomes) to have an emergency fund for unexpected financial events.

Step Two:

Using the “Debt Snowball,” pay off all your debts except for the mortgage. That includes car loans, credit cards.

Step Three:

Strengthen your emergency fund and save at least 3 – 6 months of living expenses for unexpected events such as loss of a job, health expenses, etc.

Advantages to Baby Steps:

1. It’s an Already Proven process 2. Little to No Financial Education Required 3. You Have Lots of Resources Available to You

Disadvantages of Ramsey Steps:

1. It takes time 2. The Baby Steps Doesn’t Distinguish Between Good Debt and Bad Debt 3. Home Ownership Is Hard to Fit in With the Baby Steps

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