Coronavirus Quarantining Activities You Need!


Whether you do, or you simply chose to erase those days from your memory, the current Novel Coronavirus pandemic has got Americans across the country reminiscing on those “Boring Days.”

1. Host a Happy Hour on Zoom

Have you heard about Zoom meetings over the past few weeks? Zoom Video Communications is a remote conferencing service that combines video, audio, and chat.

2. Get Creative with Your Workouts

The gyms are closed. Fitness studios are closed. Luckily you can workout from home. 

3. Listen to Podcasts

If I need a mood boost, I can listen to a comedy podcast and have had countless laughs listening to some of the funniest people on the planet.

4. Learn A New Recipe!

It’s the perfect time to look through our cupboards and create something delicious with all those food items we have been avoiding.

9. (Finally) Read a Few Books

If you’re looking for a low key thing to do at home consider picking up book and reading. Reading is a great way to destress, learn something new and connect with others.

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