Day Challenge to Finally Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

My routines, my habits, my daily activities everything  changed when I started recongizing that I was constantly operating in my “Comfort Zone.” Simply complete the following for 10 straight days and see how you feel after!

Day 1: Get up 60 minutes before you normally would

On the first day of your comfort zone challenge, the goal is to start by breaking up the monotony and routine right away. This means getting up at least one hour before you normally would.

Day 2: Say hi to a random stranger

At the store, at work, at the gas station, wherever (and possibly with a mask on for COVID reasons) simply get someone's attention and say hi.

Day 3: No matter what, the first thing you’re asked you must say YES!

No matter what, the first question or request you're asked, you must say YES! 1. Your spouse asks for a favor: YES 2. Someone texts you to hang out: YES

Day 4: Do not get on social media for 24 hours or watch TV

Instead of going for the run or working on the eBook, you're writing, you watch Netflix. So today, delete the apps and disconnect your TV. Do this for 24 hours.

Day 5: Compliment Someone

Walk up to someone at work and give them a genuine compliment OR walk up to a stranger, smile, and give them a compliment.

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