Coinstar Near Me: Quick Hacks to Turn Your Spare Change Into Cash

I found a Coinstar near me in a local Walmart! Here is how you can too! The quickest way to find a Coinstar near you is to simply type in these three words in a Google Search.

First, what is & how does Coinstar work?

Coinstar is a coin-counting kiosk service that allows you to exchange your spare change for the following: 1. E-gift cards such as Amazon 2. Cash

Coinstar Fee: How much does it cost to use Coinstar?

Coinstar charges a flat fee of 11.9% for using their change counting services. This is pretty standard but at times may vary.

How to avoid Coinstar Fees

Coinstar even offers some alternatives to avoiding their fees such as using your change to redeem gift cards or donating to charity.

Alternatives to Coinstar 1. Roll Your Coins

Most banks will still accept your rolled coins, for how much longer, that is to be determined as some of stopped with the decline in consumers using cash.

2. Pay for Stuff In Coins

You can always just buy stuff with coins. Yeah, you might irritate the cashier and the people behind you, but at the end of the day, coins are still currency.

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