Cheapest Streaming Services for the Cord-Cutters

You didn’t get rid of cable to have to subscribe to every streaming service out there, so we’ve found some of the cheapest TV streaming services you can subscribe to without having to get a side hustle to afford.

1. Peacock

Price: Free for some content, $4.99/month+. What you’ll get: The free version of Peacock will only get you a couple of movies and TV shows.

2. Hulu

Price: $6.99/month+. What you’ll get: Access to most shows from partner networks listed above the day after airing, original Hulu content.

3. Disney+

Price: $7.99/month+.  What you’ll get: Access to Disney original movies and TV shows, both classic and new.

4. Netflix

Price: $8.99/month+. What you’ll get: Watch on one screen at a time and download content on one device.

5.Amazon Prime Video

Price: $8.99/month+. What you’ll get: MDB TV shows, Amazon original content, content from partner networks and studios, and one free subscription to a Twitch streamer.

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