The Cheapest Overnight Shipping Options (That Will Save You $)

When you need a package to arrive the very next day, overnight shipping is one of the best options. But you know that taking advantage of such offerings is going to cost you extra.

Cheapest overnight shipping considerations

Before we look at the cheapest overnight shipping options, it’s important to understand what factors impact shipping prices.

Most overnight shipping companies use a pricing model called dimensional weight also known as ‘DIM weight’ to calculate shipping costs.

1. Package dimensions

The package weight is literally just how much it weighs. If this is greater than the DIM weight, this will be what the shipping company uses to calculate the cost.

2. Package weight

Shipping zones range from Zone 1 to Zone 8 in the United States, and track the distance a package travels along its journey, from origin to destination.

3. Destination

When shipping high-value items, it is often necessary to secure insurance to protect against the package being damaged, lost or stolen.

4. Value

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