Where & How to Get Cheap Passport Photos

Where can I get Cheap Passport Photos “Near Me?” Truth be told, I had never gotten a passport before and it was going to be the second time ever riding on a plane. Regardless, when I went to apply for my passport, I was quickly surprised by one thing: I had to send my own passport photo in with my passport packet.

Best Places to Get Cheap Passport Photos

While a passport photo shouldn't cost more than a quarter, most places will charge between $10 and $15 for a passport photo. So your first option for finding a cheap passport photo lies within your home office.

Best Passport Photo Option – Print At Home

Printing your passport photo at home is your cheapest and best option, so long as you own a printer. Simply have someone take the photo, print it on photo paper at your home and you're all set.

Next Best Option – Print at Stores

If you insist on taking your own passport photo to keep costs down, but you don't have a printer at home, don't worry you can print them at the store.

Best Places to Take Passport Photo

Here are the best places to get your passport photos: 1. Walmart – $7.44 2. UPS Store – $11.99 3. Target – $12.99 4. FedEx – $14.95

Final thoughts

If you have time to take your own photo and print it, go for it so long as if for some odd reason you don't meet the requirements you still have time to resubmit your passport application!

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