Cheap Date Ideas You Can Use Tonight!


Whether you're single or married, going on dates is a fun way to get to know someone or spice it up and keep growing your relationship. Here is the list of cheap date ideas.

1. Stay off your phone.

You would think this goes without saying, but the best date is a date with no phones!

2. Go to a city late at night.

You can go to people watch or just drive around exploring!

3. Visit a special spot, like where you met!

If you're married, depending on where you get engaged, you can visit that spot.

4. Get ice cream, instead of dinner.

Instead of splurging on a dinner, keep it cheap and just go grab some ice cream after eating a homemade dinner!

5. Get up early and visit the beach.

Plan a day trip where you get up at 5:00 am, pack lunch and drive to the beach together. Spend the day out in the sun and head back at home to eat some late dinner.

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