Quickly Find Your Chase Routing Number (How to)

Chase routing number is pretty essential to link, transfer and save money. If you’re familiar with Chase banking and ever done an online transaction the words ‘Chase routing number’ are probably familiar.

Quickest way to find your Chase routing number

The quickest way to find your Chase routing number, or any routing number for that matter, is to pull out your checkbook and look at the bottom left corner.

Find your routing number online.

If you’re like most people and haven’t opened your dusty checkbook in years – or right out don’t even own one – you’ll need the internet to find your routing number.

Chase Routing Number by State:

So as we mentioned before, there are 24 Chase routing numbers for different areas. Here is the official list of different routing numbers along with the states they correspond to.

Worst comes to worst, contact Chase.

Worst comes to worst, let’s say for some reason you are stuck in car without any internet service and you really need your Chase routing number.

Why do banks have routing numbers?

As I said before, the routing number’s job is to organize financial transactions and to make it easy to identify which institution was the originator where the bank account was opened.

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