Challenges For Women To Overcome & Achieve Success

Women in STEM refers to women in these fields. Over time, women have made great strides to enter the STEM fields and build successful STEM careers. Here are the challenges for women in STEM.

1. Confidence & Intimidation

When you're feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, one technique that helps is to break down your tasks. Focus on what immediately needs to be done.

2. Lack Of Transparency

This is a big topic nowadays, especially when considering gender equality. Women are especially susceptible to the adverse effects of lack of transparency.

3. Fighting Societal Assumptions Over Gender Roles

There are so many stories out there about companies and bosses making assumptions about how committed a woman is to her job.

4. Finding Mentorship

The best thing I can say is if you feel there's no one, ask anyway until you find someone. Also, a mentor doesn't have to be in the same industry or job as you.

5. Lack Of A Community Or Support Network

Find people on the same path and reach out. Have weekly check-ins. I can guarantee that those women are also looking to connect.


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