Best Cash Paying Jobs & How to Find Them

While every job technically pays you money – typically in the form of direct deposit or check that can be cashed. Sometime you just need some cash fast to pay a bill. Here are some steps to find a cash job.

1. Walking Dogs

Walking dogs is a great cash based business if you're looking to make some quick money. Dog walking apps like Wag and Rover are great, but they dictate rates.

2. Cleaning Houses

A great cash paying business has always been cleaning houses. Whether you do it for someone else and get paid directly or you work for a company that will allow you to collect cash tips.

3. Labor Helper

Construction companies far and near are constantly in need of good help. Construction companies can write off day labor so they're not afraid to pay good rates in cash for hard work.

4. Catering

Catering is not just a great paying job, but it is also a job that will pay you in cash. Whether you work for a catering company full-time or you do it on the weekends.

5. Detailing Cars

Detailing cars is a lucrative way to make money outside of your career or when you are a student. It also happens to be a great way to make cash money.

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