Buyer’s Remorse Tips You Can Use (So You Can Stop Feeling Bad About Yourself)

Americans were spending $18,000 on non-essentials per year per USA Today.  While overspending is an entire problem in itself, the result of overspending is typically buyer’s remorse. Here are the simple tips to finally end your buyer's remorse.

1. Leave your wallet in the car.

Next time your spouse and the in-laws drag you to the outlet mall, leave your wallet in the car. It will prevent you from impulse buying, thus avoiding buyer's remorse.

2. Have a list

Never go to the grocery store without a list. Even better – plan your meals out and be thrifty with what you already have at home. Not only will you prevent buyer's remorse with your list, you'll save money!

3. Bring your own booze

It might be time to get smart about your alcohol purchases. Bring a flask, use cash when you go out and set limits. Chances are you can avoid feeling like crap the next day and you'll help limit your spending regrets!

4. Checkout 1x per month online

Buyer's remorse hits a whole new level with online shopping. It is one thing to see a tangible product, feel it, then purchase it.

5. Add a no-risk return clause when buying a car

First thing is first, make sure you know what you're doing when it comes to buying a car. Even after all your careful consideration and research, make sure you add a no-risk return clause into your contract.

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