Books You Should Read While You’re Social Distancing

If you were ever going to develop a reading habit or pick up a book – now is probably the best time. Here is a list of books I highly recommend reading.

1. The Third Door

Written by Alex Banayan, recognized as one of America's top business authors, Banayan is recognized as the youngest top-selling business author with his book The Third Door.

2. Atomic Habits

Hands down, James Clear's book Atomic Habits is the best book on habits out there. If you need a straight to the point actionable advice habit book, Atomic Habits is your best bet.

3. Rejection Proof

Are you someone who struggle with something simple like just asking your boss for a raise? Either way, Rejection Proof is worth the read.

4. Tribe of Mentors

If you haven't read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, perhaps you should start there.

5. Culture Code

If you're in a leadership role or looking to make it to one – this book is for you! Written by Daniel Coyle.

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