Should Your Investment Portfolio Include Bonds?

That being said, perhaps the safest bet when it comes to investing is investing in bonds, which are generally seen as low-risk investment vehicles and used for diversification and stability purposes!

What are Bonds?

Bonds are fixed-income security investment vehicles that provide returns in the form of fixed periodic interest payments as the investment matures.

Bond Types: 1. Government Bonds

In order to support government spending – be it for fixing federal deficits, economic boosting, you name it – the government offers bonds as debt securities.

2. Corporate Bonds

Similar to government-issued bonds, corporate bonds are similar in that investors agree to purchase bonds from corporations in order to see an agreed upon periodic interest return.

3. Mortgage-Backed Bonds

When you think of mortgage bonds you might think of the 2007 real estate crash. Mortgage bonds are typically leveraged by banks that house countless mortgages.

Should you invest in High-Yield Bonds?

High-yield bonds will typically have a higher return than lower yield bonds, however, with that return comes greater risk.

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