30 Months Into Blogging, I Wish I Did THESE Things Earlier

 30 months into my blogging journey/business I can tell you my crappy domain name wasn't the only mistake I made. In fact, it was just the first of many. which leads me to this epic article today.

7 Blogging Pitfalls to Avoid:  1. Writing for your avatar

According to Pro Blogger, your avatar is vital to identify so you can:  1. Informing your writing 2. Connecting with readers

2. Your voice mixed into quality content

If I had to go back and do it all again, I would use a content calendar, I would create strategies behind my content.

3. More Link Building & Marketing

It's easy to think formatting and editing is work when in reality the true work is in link building and marketing!

4. Don't kill yourself with social media

One of the biggest blogging mistakes I have made is spending WAY too much time on social media and telling myself I am growing my blog.

5. Focus on Email and use ConvertKit

Before you can ever monotize your email list, you first need to create enticing offers, solid guides, email sequences and use the right freaking email platform!

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