5 Mistakes I Made Starting a Blog

If you are ready to start your own blog, I say go for it… Just make sure you quickly review these early blogging mistakes I made so you can learn from me!

Blogging Mistake 1: Have a Goal

Identify some short term and long term goals for your blog. It is OK if these change over time, just write them down somewhere.

If you can't sing, you can't blog. No kidding, but you will need to find “Your voice” and what YOU are passionate about when you blog.

Blogging Mistake 2: Voice

I rushed into a domain name. It is not that the domain was bad, Money Life and The Whole Ball of Wax… but who seriously is going to type all of that.

Blogging Mistake 3: Choose the Right Domain

Here are some things to consider: 1. Mobile friendly? 2.. Links to other pages within your site? 3. Subscriber fields working?

Blogging Mistake 4: Have a Plan

After already screwing up the domain name thing, I also messed up hosting and platforms. In fact, words like hosting and platforms… what was all this talk?

Blogging Mistake 5: Hosting & Platforms

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