Blogging is A Hobby That Can Pay You

I infrequently write about blogging… Like the actual aspect of creating a blog, designing it, creating content then telling people how they can do it too. I aim to expand on how a hobby has slowly become a source of income for me.

Why is blogging a hobby and an income source?

In my opinion, when you attach a paycheck to a hobby it is no longer a hobby. For example, I love playing pick-up sports.

Blogging is Flexible.

Not all blogs are created equal. And not all blogs are about personal finance. In my case, I write about what I am passionate about. I also write from the heart and things that have helped or impacted me.

Blogging can be lucrative.

I hesitate to write the word lucrative. I actually hesitate to just attach the word income with blogging. As a societal whole, we are all looking for the “Lose 20 pounds in 30 days programs”, just like we are looking for the next great way to create passive income.

Blogging (Like anything) takes work

Just like at your job if you want the CEO type pay there is going to be a price to be paid. The same goes for blogging. People don’t make $145,000 in one-month blogging, without putting the work in.

Blogging can be Purposeful.

I haven’t made a lot of money blogging one year and two months in. I maybe have broken even or just a little more. Now, I do have a long-term approach to most things and I have always learned good things.

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