We Answer: When is the Best Time to Buy a TV?

If you’re considering buying a new TV for your home, the best time to buy a TV matters if you’re looking to save tons of money! Today, we will unveil the three best time periods each year to do so.

Super Bowl Season

Whether you watch the big game for commercials, football, or the halftime show, it doesn’t matter; Super Bowl season is a great time to purchase a brand new television. 

TV models being released in the spring? This means retailers and TV manufacturers want you to buy; thus, they incentivize consumers to buy these new models with special offers.

Spring Time

Black Friday is almost synonymous with TV deals! Seriously though, go to a Walmart or hit up Cyber Monday, and you will be bombarded with amazing TV deals.

Black Friday

So now you know the best time to buy a TV, but what if it’s July and you need a TV in a pinch? Here are some additional ways to save money when you’re buying a new TV.

Other Ways to Save Buying a TV

Simply start searching, comparing, and pricing TVs online. You can search for a TV by size, like “Best 65” TV deals.

Compare Online

A $600 TV online might be $500 in the store, especially if they’re trying to make space in the store.

Visit the store

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