Best Teacher Side Hustles (According to This Teacher)


As a teacher, here is what I can tell you we have more time off than just about any other profession out there, mathematically speaking. Here are the best ways for teachers to make extra money.

1. Beach LifeGuard

One of the best teacher side hustles is for sure being a beach lifeguard or doing ocean rescue in the summer! Rescue job paying somewhere around $20 an hour.

2. Landscaping

Before starting a digital marketing company or blog, landscaping is how I made an extra $4,000+ every summer.

3. Use Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a platform for educators to acquire and sell resources used in the classroom and at school!

4. Start a Blog

Teachers are naturally great communicators and writers. Blogging is simply a form of marketing that allows for marketing to occur through content.

5. Rideshare & Delivery Gigs

Ridesharing and delivery side hustles are some of the most popular right now, due to the fact that the money is fast and you can do it whenever you darn well please!

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