Board Games Loved by Experts and Kids That Can Help

If you're looking to give your child a strong foundation for academic success, it may be shocking to hear that the best thing you can do is allow them to play more every day.

1. Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It

The game's goal is to move your piece through the board, no one wins until everyone gets to the end.

2. Lattice Hawaii

Described by the creator as a mix of Rummy, Sudoku, and a Rubik's Cube combined with inspiration from Hawaiian myths, give this fast-paced tile-based game a try.

3. King of Tokyo

The fact that you're playing mutant monsters, giant robots, and weird aliens destroying the city to become The King of Tokyo doesn't hurt either.

4. Pandemic

This multi-award-winning cooperative board game gives each player a role like a medic, scientist, quarantine specialist.

5. Settlers of Catan

It's one of the favorites game in our house. Players as young as six can enjoy Catan with their Junior pirate-themed version with a simpler playing style.


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