Best Part-Time Jobs to Consider for 2021

The most tried and true way to making more money is landing a part-time job. Regardless of why you might need a part-time job, let's dive in and explore the best options!

1. Work as a Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor could be anyone who teaches classes like yoga, body pump, or Pilates, to a full-on personal trainer. A fitness instructor can making a pretty decent amount of money per hour.

2. Dog Walker

As a dog walker or someone who checks in on pets, you can make pretty good money at $15 per hour! As a sitter, you could make up to $40 per day, and even more if you stay for the night.

3. Delivery Driver (Deliver People or Food)

If you enjoy driving and have a car, why not become a delivery driver? You can deliver people or food.

4. Grocery Shopper Part-time

To get started with a part time job delivering groceries or shopping, check out companies such as: 1. Postmates 2. Instacart 3. Peapod 4. Favor

5. House Cleaner & House Cleaning Business

Whether you clean houses on the side of your full-time gig, or you start your own house cleaning business – cleaning is a great way to make an extra money.

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