Money Tips: That I Learned from Teaching High School Students


Do you remember what you did with money back when you were in high school? Since I recently started my 10th year of teaching, I decided I write about 9 money tips I have learned from high schoolers.

1. Avoid Loans

Avoid loans at all costs. High school students can't take out a loan and while it keeps going they only get what they can afford at that moment.

2. Hustle to Make Money

Rake some leaves, shovel some snow, or even walk some dogs you name it! Learn to hustle and use the extra money to pay down student loans or save.

3. You Are Not Busy

Tell me any profession that does that? With more free time in the world to do what they want, high school students live it up. Sports, clubs, activities, friends, you name it.

4. Live Freely!

Granted, it is easier to live freely when you are 16 vs. 26 the carefree attitude is worth adopting. They seem to just have this spirit about them. 

5. Deal in Cash Only

A high school student is not of age to borrow money unless it is cash from their friends, and therefore, for the most part, they must buy everything in cash.


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