Mint App Alternatives (To Help You Track Your Money)

Mint is the oldest budgeting app around, and it’s helped a lot of people learn and manage the basics of budgeting. Here is a list of best Mint app alternatives.

1. Every Dollar Budget App

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps are integrated into the app. So if you're someone looking to pay off debt, this is a great app to consider as an alternative to Mint.com.

2. Quicken

Quicken is a software to help you manage your finances. It’s got an entire range of incredibly useful tools – people have been using it for businesses too.

3. Try Trim

Similar to Truebill, Trim is also a budgeting and “Trimming” app that helps you negotiate your reoccurring bills and subscriptions, hence the name Trim.

4. Pocket Smith

PocketSmith tracks all your expenses and allows you to budget all on one app. They have a nifty feature that lets you see your future finances (up to 30 years).

5. Look into Tiller Money

If you're like me and you really enjoy Google Spreadsheets, then Tiller Money might be your favorite alternative to using the Mint app.


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